Indra Kusumah.





Friend and family.

" The internet has always been, and always will be, a magic box. "

- Marc Andressen

I am currently working as a full time back-end web developer, create my "dream" project on my spare time and sometimes take freelance jobs.

Here is skills :

A dozen of people earn success from internet as an example, let's see Mark Zuckerberg and Nadiem Makariem, or maybe tanah abang store owners who sell their products through internet, and earn a ton of money. Through internet, you can reach your customers or clients worldwide with your remarkable website.

The question is, "Have you tried it?"

I have developed and maintained some multinational company websites for the company i work and developed some fancy websites as a freelancer. For one reason or another, i will not mention the companies name or the links here, but you can contact me privately if you're interested to know.

My responsibilities include :

Don't miss this opportunity, let's talk about your dream website. Reach me whenever you are ready.

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